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The All-Occasion Suit

Posted on October 28, 2015 at 10:08 AM Comments comments (76)
The All-Occasion Suit
What every young man & boy should always have in his closet;
1. One pair of black dress pants / black belt.
2. One pair of black dress socks.
3. A pair of black dress shoes or loafers.
4. One white long-sleeve dress shirt.
5. One short-sleeve dress shirt.
6. One black tie.
7. One black blazer or sport coat.
Understanding that one may not wear dress-clothes frequently, you can simply use the same one suit for any occasion time and time again for;
> job interviews
> weddings
> funerals
> religious ceremonies
I've encountered young men that have a wide range of designer name fashions in their wardrobe, but do not have a suit that is appropriate for
the occasions highlighted above. You will also save money on care and cleaning.
                                           - I'm Mario and I approve this message. -