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The Masters of Penmanship is the lyrically skilled, word-smith wizards on the Snob Shoppe's stage menu presenting a talented collection of style, literature and showmanship. Poetry and performance is art, a combination of life's episodes using imagination, fantasy, emotion and many other tools of one's self to express their feelings and views through the craft of poetry. Pens, pencils and microphones are delicate instruments used by lyrical-designers to build some of the worlds most treasurable masterpieces of ink-linked bridges across a field of paper. I consider myself, along with others that share the same interest in this craft, a Master of Penmanship.

My Favorite Letter: Q | My Favorite Number: 9

Q - has a bar breaking it's circle making a doorway, this doorway is an entrance into a private space and also an exit into an open area. This circular fence provides a home-base and a freedom of choice to travel back and forth between two places.

9 - is the second one digit number that has a twin within itself, that's opposite by three less than itself and when turned a half-turn clockwise or counter clockwise becomes a six. This defining changefulness, mood-swing, like yes and no, both

are answers of response (in common), yet differ to favor of.

Nine is the numerical synonym and antonym; one in the same, yet opposite.

Second-best and runner-up to Ten which is used as a symbol of perfection or

best of, but it's a two digit number. With that being said Nine is the best in it's

class, remember he's a one digit number out ranking the infamous #1 which is

also used as a bar of perfection or excellence and yet it takes nine number one's

to amount to him, the often over-looked and quiet champion # 9.

- Mario Hill (Yodie Prince) -   


* Contact us to schedule a live performance at your event.

This body is a book and love story

open up your arms and hug it for me

You are that girl and I'm that guy

we don't need wings for us to fly.

Endless this beat, rhythm and blues

we make good music, let us rock.

Exploding with emotions, we can't loose

we got the bomb, let it drop...... BOOM!

Y0di3 Princ3


I am one,

the one and only son,

the middle of three siblings

Alfa male second to none.

Accompanied by two

one older and one younger

my guardian angels

through and through

one of lightning and one of thunder.

2nd Best of a Three-Best Set

made up of blood and love

this as rich as it gets.

This over-protection

provided me goods

served as my guiding light

as I traveled through deep woods

and I appreciate this armor,

sisterly shields that surround me

and the arrows of close-knit

that will pierce through my enemy.

I am blessed as 2nd Best

my needs are met

to pass any test

this be my truth and spoken word

of 1st born Peanut, 3rd born Bird.

- 2nd Best -

- Yodie Prince -


Denim City themes

loose-fit access scenes

boot-leg and straight leg

daisy-dukes; mean-ass-jeans.

Zip-ups and button-ups

which do you prefer?

Doctor Denim prescribe some rhythm

for this blue-jean fever.

I like my jeans

with pockets that are green
so when I walk, money talk$
to finance my dreams
Always in style

Denim City can't lose

white or blue collar

a steady income is good news.

Rather at work or at play

any occasion night or day

Denim has a rhythm

and plenty shit to say.

- Denim City -

- Yodie Prince - 


I've been looking for my prince to come..

I've been searching for the white picket fence..

I've been doing everything you've said would make my mate come..

I've been praying that he would, should and could come quick..

I've been thinking that a man would complete me...

I've been thinking love and sex go hand in hand...

I've been going about this all wrong now I see...

To Truly be loved I must start by first loving me!!

- What Age Has Taught Me... -

- Urban Angel -

My prince has found me and I HE,

My fence is not white it's invisible and you can't SEE.

My soul mate I tried not to want or NEED.

It took 20 yrs. but there was always that SEED.

He doesn't complete me, GOD made me WHOLE.

He is here to help fill my SOUL.

Friendship came first, love soon after the sex took AWHILE.

I didn't want to miss out on his wonderful SMILE.

When the sex is gone there is just ME.

Loving the other half of life's love for ME.

- What Love Has Taught Me -

- Queen Of The Hill -

I can't be a prince for I'm already a king

What I value in life are the simple things.

White picket fences are nice to be seen

What's needed in my kingdom is the touch of a queen.

A royal highness with to spend the rest of my days

Finding her pearls she's my oyster I open in many ways.

What I give can't be found at the dollar store

My love is priceless and too special to ignore.

I want you to love you first and foremost

Then let's become one in front of the father, son and holy ghost.

- What Life Has Taught Me -

- The Juggernaut -

What Age, Love And Life Has Taught Me

Is that forever has a face

Three-Fifteen, Nineteen-Ninety-Three

sure enough, forever has a taste.

Yodie Prince has built his white picket fence

around his kingdom of joy a.k.a. Chavon Denise

ever the prince, with such splendid essence

a constant joy she so employ

My wife and queen Chavon Denise.

Age Has Taught Me respect and love

and Love Has Taught Me

to mix my blood,

so much that it began to flood,

into What Life Has Taught Me

to plant my name,

inside my wife; creating new life

extending my name.

All the above has taught me

marriage is royal fleece

and that forever has a face

her name, Chavon Denise.

Age Has Taught Me to teach myself

all my accomplishments and failures

help define thyself.

Experience is lesson,

The Book of Life, blessings in text

this knowledge, a fruitful truth

apples to you from a "teachers pet".

Maturity is a bridge;

an expansion from house to mansion

crossing over the vast fields of adolescence

discovering new feelings enriching youth and essence.

- What Age, Love and Life Has Taught Me -

- Yodie Prince -


TRAFFORD Publishing

301 S. Front Street, #8

New Bern, NC, USA 28560-2105

toll free 1-888-232-4444 ext 1000

250-383-6864 EXT 1000

[email protected]


Spirit of Style #6:

I confidence

How the winners got that way


SURE, YOU WANT her--as in, right now, yeah, in the produce section. but, key point: You don't need her. Kids need their mothers. She's not your mother. And even if this particular sweetness doesn't come to pass behind the bananas, something else urgent will, soon. Style knows life is bursting with opportunity, that there's plenty to go around. Sure, you want this deal. And you'll work to get it. But guess what? Style doesn't need this particular deal. There's always another one. Something even better, perhaps. Confidence is born of faith.

{ ahy } { kon-fi-duh ns }



I have been cooking you meals

raising your kids

cleaning your house

stroking your ego

Don't get it twisted

I have also been rubbing you down

swallowing you whole

taking you in

and screaming your name

but don't get it twisted

a lady I'll always be

having my man's back

making my house run smooth

putting my family first

but don't get it twisted

I'm the one your momma groomed you for

I'm the one your daddy adores

I'm the one your brother can't get enough of

I'm the one your sister is

Don't get it twisted

The black woman can still bring it

we are what others strive to be

it has never been easy

but I am a black woman god I thank thee

Don't get it twisted so be a black man and come to me!

- Don't Get It Twisted -

- Urban Angel -

Queen and every man's dream

sister-soul, black man's gold

enrich my goals and self-esteem.

Yes! let's get it twisted

and design a unique vine

that will strengthen over the ages

providing guide lines for youth to climb.

So it is said, let it be done

man and woman,

black love one-on-one.

Soulful unity, cultural identity

two spirits bleed into one entity.

Again! let it be twisted

and design a unique vine

that will strengthen over the ages

providing guide lines for youth to climb.

Let's plant a family-tree,

let's make history

and water this seed with knowledge,

be fruitful with this gift.

Inter-lock full circles

brain-storms bring forth tornadoes,

successful generations, a legacy set adrift.

- Yodie Prince -


Eyes placed

angel's face

hand held

emotions swell

lips kiss

tongues twist

noses nuzzled

moans muzzled

hearts rush

souls touch

minds seduced

inhibitions reduced

cupid's wish

lover's bliss

defeated fears

unused tears

erotic angles

bodies entangle

educator teach

climax reached

passion paid

love made .................

- Juggernaut -

Words thump

bodies bump

I, Tarzan

you, Jane

hormones jump!

hip hungry

untamed monkey

swallow me

I'm empty

licked lovely.

The good,

the bad

and ugly

the beautiful

the bold

and nasty.

Soap Opera

Love Doctor

mind - blowing,

non - stopper

pretty kitty

pur-fect score

meow - chow

milk de jour.

- Yodie Prince -






1/2 part freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/2 part simple syrup

Chilled MARTINI Prosecco


Shake the first three ingredients with ice

Strain into a champagne flute

Top with chilled Prosecco

- 4 -